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Aerobatic display acts at AeroExpo UK
Aerobatic Acts - AeroExpo UK
Air displays at AeroExpo UK
Air display acts at AeroExpo UK


After getting up close to a wide range of new and classic aircraft, experience the thrill of an aerobatic airshow in the skies above Wycombe Air Park.

On Saturday June 3rd some of Europe’s finest display pilots will demonstrate their skills pushing their aircraft to its limits. We have 5 acts each with something different to offer so get down to the flight line at one o’clock and get a good viewpoint for all the air display action.

2016 display acts:

Trig Aerobatic News

Trig Aerobatic

The Trig Aerobatic Team comprises of Richard Grace and Dave Puleston in their Pitts Special S-1D biplanes. Flying only 5 feet apart, their high-G manoeuvres subject Richard and Dave to gravitational forces of up to +6 g and -4g.

Glider FX Display Team

Guy Westgate is a renowned Glider pilot who has been flying aerobatics since 1993 and displaying gliders since 1998. Guy is 8 times National Glider Aerobatic Champion at Unlimited level and has been on the British team for 3 World Aerobatic Championships.

e-Go aeroplanes – SSDR

The e-Go will be put through its paces by their chief test pilot. e-Go will also have their first customer aircraft as well as their hard working prototype at the event.

The e-Go is a remarkably light single seat aircraft, designed within the CAA SSDR category.

Gyro Air Displays

Gyro Air Displays

The display has been formulated to be fun, exciting, exhilarating and a safe routine, something different in the air. The essence of the display is – Up Close and Personal. Due to their low speed and low energy the Gyro Display is cleared to fly 50m from the crowd line at 100ft or less.

Dutch Rush Aerobatics

The Dutch Rush Sukhoi is flown by Frank van Houten. Frank started his flying career in the Dutch Navy, flying the Lynx helicopter and the P3C Orion. Once he completed the military basic aerobatic module in 1990, Frank was hooked and continued to fly aerobatics ever since. The Sukhoi 26’s size, sound and agility make the aircraft is a real crowd pleaser.

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