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e-Go fun flying machine takes off at Aero-Expo 2014!

April 2, 2014
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e-Go aeroplanes have confirmed that they will give their first public flying demonstration at AeroExpo UK 2014 from 30th May to 1st June at Sywell Aerodrome.
Operating to the north of Cambridge, e-Go aeroplanes is creating the striking, new, very lightweight e-Go aircraft. It will cost dramatically less to fly than traditional aircraft and is a design-led product for discerning pilots who relish new experiences. It uses novel technologies for performance yet achieves a low cost of development and operation by exploiting the newly deregulated environment in the UK. Interest in the product is high and we already have first deposits for aircraft which will be delivered in 2015.

“We attended AeroExpo UK 2013 and generated tremendous interest with our static display, so this year we are going one better …” said David Boughey, e-Go aeroplanes Sales and Marketing Manager. “Our first flight was in October last year to a selected audience of investors, supporters and volunteers. This year we are undergoing a series of development flights and will be ready to give our first public demonstrations at Sywell.”


e-Go have been very successful in raising the funds needed to move forward with their manufacturing plans. Previous investors were joined by new investors through innovative crowdfunding activity.

The e-Go design philosophy is the packaging of leading edge aeronautical engineering with proven technology, some adapted from other, non-aviation, industries such as carbon composites from F1 construction.

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The 30 hp powerplant is an adaptation of the Wankel engine by Rotron for UAVs (unmanned air vehicles). Currently, e-Go has exclusive use of this engine for manned aircraft. Including all ancillary equipment, the engine weighs just 23kg and delivers nearly 70 mpg from garage forecourt fuel (mogas).

“The canard configuration has always interested me” says Giotto Castelli, the company’s Chief Designer “… in the e-Go we are using the advantages to great effect to give the pilot a wonderful view and an agile, fun aircraft to fly.”

Find out more about e-Go here at: www.e-go.me

Or contact David Boughey by email on david@e-go.me


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