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Scheme Designers – Let Your Aircraft Look the Part

May 6, 2013
Scheme Designers

AeroExpo UK is pleased to welcome Scheme Designers once again to AeroExpo UK at Sywell Aerodrome 31st May – 2nd June 2013. Be sure to stop in and spend some time to chat with Craig Barnett to learn more about the company’s unique services.

About Scheme Designers
Look around the airport. You will immediately notice numerous examples of planes with paint and vinyl schemes that just don’t look right. They may have odd, sometimes clashing colours, out of proportion stripe thicknesses and white spaces, strange stripe designs or perhaps a combination of these issues.

Your aircraft are an extension of yourself – it reflects your personality and ego, and with the vast amounts of your resources that it consumes, your aircraft should look the part too.

Scheme Designers has been exclusively focused on creating perfect paint schemes and vinyl designs for aircraft. Since it was founded in 1997, the company has completed over 10,000 unique paint and vinyl designs for customers globally. More than half the general aviation manufacturers use Scheme Designers for their factory standard paint schemes. Although this sounds like a company that caters exclusively to the aerospace industry, airlines and the jet set crowd, it absolutely is not. Craig Barnett, founder of Scheme Designers, an avid pilot since 1978 and an aircraft owner (currently owns a Cessna T210N and a Cherokee 180D), puts it like this: “We certainly do work for airlines and aircraft manufacturers worldwide, have completed numerous paint schemes for BBJs, Gulfstreams and the like for royalty and the rest of the world’s jet setters, but the vast majority of our clients are individual owners of smaller single engine piston aircraft. These owners are our core market, and our design services are aggressively priced to meet their needs.”

Scheme Designers brings several key criteria to the table for those planning for new paint or vinyl on their aircraft, including design expertise to make your aircraft look the absolute best it can, engineering expertise to make sure the paint shop you select has the detail necessary to replicate the design onto your aircraft, and paint industry expertise to help you navigate the complex task of planning for painting your aircraft. All of this is rolled up into low cost, flat fee design programs that take you from initial design concepts to finished paint.

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