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SkyEcho 2 Demonstrations at Booth A11

May 28, 2019

Be sure to visit uAvionix, Booth A11 during AeroExpo UK for a SkyEcho 2 demonstration. The uAvionix SkyEcho 2 is a portable ADS-B IN/OUT transceiver consistent with the UK CAA’s EC standard. SkyEcho 2 transmits your aircraft position, altitude, course and speed to surrounding aircraft to improve awareness. SkyEcho 2 also includes a dual-band ADS-B receiver to receive position reports from other ADS-B equipped aircraft and display them on in-flight applications, including ForeFlight Mobile, SkyDemon, and EasyVFR.

uAvionix for Shared Airspace – Here! Here!
uAvionix recently provided a Consultation Response to the
UK CAA Airspace Modernization Strategy Electronic Conspicuity Solutions – Share the Air – A Call for Evidence. In it uAvionix provides evidence to back up CAA’s desire to coordinate the adoption of interoperable EC solutions in targeted blocks of airspace. View more about the response here.

Mission in Motion
uAvionix was founded in 2015 with a mission to bring safety solutions to industry so that all airspace users experience common situational awareness. That mission continues to drive what we do and what we are passionate about, let’s use the technology to benefit everyone sharing the sky. We applaud DJI’s latest achievement promoting safer skies! The inclusion of ADS-B In as standard equipment is a significant step towards shared airspace awareness. Bravo DJI!

Meet SkyEcho 2
The capabilities provided by SkyEcho 2 with ADS-B IN and OUT, FLARM reception, and TSO certified Global Positioning System (GPS) are unparalleled in the quality and capability in an affordable, high quality package. SkyEcho 2 features:

Amazing 1090MHz ADS-B receive performance. See below a few screenshots from our integration partners ForeFlight, SkyDemon and EasyVFR
Native FLARM receive functionality
UAT weather and traffic via the uAvionix/skyDemon trial for UAT in the UK
Compatibility with Flarmbridge

Read more about SkyEcho2





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