Aviation special missions

Multi-Mission Expo

ISR turnkey solutions, sensor integration and data solutions for missions.

Multi-Mission Expo supports special missions flying, an exciting and rapidly developing branch of general aviation.

Special missions flying activities cover a wide spectrum of applications ranging from:

  • Air Ambulance
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Aerial Photography / filming
  • Aerial Survey
  • Air Pollution Monitoring
  • Agricultural / Forestry applications
  • Border / Maritime surveillance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fire monitoring & mapping
  • Fishery patrols
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Powerline / Utility routes monitoring
  • Security
  • Thermal & Environmental heat loss surveys
  • UAV / Drone Platforms

Multi-Mission Expo plans to showcase a wide range of the latest fixed wing lightweight generation platforms, plus associated technologies including aircraft modifications, sensor housings, sensor integration and equipment.

A dedicated Seminar Programme will support the event with Industry Intelligence along with further available information on all the newest mission equipment.

Tecnam Cockpit

Aircraft cockpit

Diamond DA42 MPP

Pacific Aerospace P750 XSTOL

Vulcanair P.68 Observer

Airborne Technologies

Helicopter operations

Tecnam P2012

Vulcan Air

Vulcanair was founded in 1996 and since then it has taken over the great heritage of fine Italian design and manufacturing in General Aviation. Vulcanair's mission is to become a respected General Aviation manufacturer worldwide, through customer satisfaction and exciting, innovative, yet reliable solutions in aircraft design.


For over 70 years Tecnam has been committed to serving the General Aviation community. Be it the 6th generation Tecnam P92, the best selling P2002 or the P2006T Twin, Tecnam are firmly established as the aeroplanes of choice with General Aviation customers and operators. Be they private pilots enjoying flying for leisure or some of the world’s leading Flight Training Organisations.

Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft applies innovative technologies to offer the perfect blend of performance, efficiency and safety. Diamond Aircraft offers the most complete range of certified piston aircraft models; from the 2 seat single DA20 to the stunning new 7 seat DA62. Represented by Gemstone Aviation


Pipistrel is the pioneer of first use, high end technology in light aviation, perfecting revolutionary concepts such as electric flight and pursuing extreme aero-efficiency. Represented by Flyabout Aviation

Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft is a recognised global leader in personal aviation and the maker of the best-selling SR-series piston aircraft and the Vision Jet, the world’s first single engine Personal Jet.


Rotorsport is the leading gyroplane manufacturer in the UK with over 140 aircraft in the fleet. Since 2005 AutoGyro has transformed the world of gyroplanes into the fastest growing light aviation sector.


Britten-Norman, the UK’s only independent civil aircraft manufacturer, has been producing aircraft continuously for a period spanning six decades. In addition to manufacturing and supporting the BN2 series of Islander, Trislander and Defender aircraft, the Company is also a defence contractor specialising in the integration, installation, test and trials of mission equipment.

Aerial Survey

Aerialsurvey.com is a unique web site specialising in everything & all matters to do with aerial surveys. Aerialsurvey.com is owned and run by highly experienced operatives who have worked worldwide and knowledgeable of all types of aerial survey equipment, air-planes, air- plane modifications and associated technologies

Stemme / Ecarys

Stemme AG is a German glider manufacturer. Represented by Gemstone Aviation

Mahindra Aerospace

Mahindra Aerospace represents the Mahindra Group’s interests in utility aircraft and aerostructures. The aircraft business, based in Australia, produces the Airvan 8 utility aircraft. Certified in 43 countries, over 250 Airvans operate world-wide in tourism, freight, law enforcement and other roles. In 2017 Mahindra Aerospace launched its new product, the Airvan 10 turboprop, certified in 7 countries so far.